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What are your thoughts on artificial nature/intelligence? If the government asked for your support in this area, would you give it?

it's the future of the world, if we don't take it too far. yes.
Depends on what the project would be about
Awesome! I would support whole-heartedly!
I think that is awesome. It is the only way that humans will survive in the future. We can clearly not take care of ourselves.
I think that it is cool. Yes
I think artificial nature and intelligence can do really good things for society, and I would definitely give my support if the government asked for my support.
I support any artificial nature/intelligence as long as it does not adversely affect society. I would definitely support a government or government funded project in this area, as long as it is not used as a weapon.
I think it'll be worthwhile, It reminds me of the movie AI
I would support it.
It's important to understand and master the concepts and techniques. I would support it fully
. that it could potintionally be useful in the future possibly
I would support this, but with in reason. I would like to know for what purpose the AI would be used for.
As long as it helps the Earth, and does not harm any organisms, I think it's a great idea!
yes. full support.
Go for it! AI doesn't imply self sufficient. I am not threatened.
Depends on the specific situation.
I think it is a good idea and has alot of potential. Yes i would support this area of research.
Not sure
I don't know much about the specifics of Artificial nature/intelligence, so I would need more information before deciding if I would support the government in that area.
I think that artificial intelligence is an inevitable consequence of increasing processing power and machine learning techniques. I would support it, though I'd be leery of its purpose through the government.
I can't say I know enough about it to give an educated opinion.
I think that it would be very helpful to have a calculated thinker, as long as there is also a natural intelligent being present to provide their input on the task at hand. Yes, i would give my support.
Yes, I would support this area. There are lots of practical application of artificial nature/intelligence which would benefit society.
I think it is possible but not well understood. This understanding transcends the artificial/natural paradigm.
Understanding how to make intelligent machines will help us understand ourselves.
It's an interesting subject. A lot of people are afraid that a.i. will grow beyond humanity's control at some point in the not-too-distant future. It may, it may not. Personally, I don't fear it.
What sort of support? That's a pretty broad and vague question.
I believe that there are applications in which artificial intelligence could be useful. I don't recommend that it be used in military applications such as in the movie "War Games" and "Terminator 1,2,3...", however, if it could be channeled into specific applications I would support governmental assistance in development of it.
Probably. Sounds like AI would be a really interesting concept.
Interesting possibilities with risks. Probably.
I think it is an interesting idea to be explored theoretically, but there are serious ethics questions involved with actually attempting to create it. I think it would be very easy to push the limits from scientific inquiry that benefits mankind to trespassing on God's domain. I would not give my support until there were clear answers and regulations on the ethics of this area.
I believe that the government is the enemy of the free people. However, I support research on artificial intelligence.
I think it is my only chance at achieving immortality.
I believe it is good when used to a certain extent, but it should not be overused to the point where it is dangerous to humans or entire populations of plants or animals. My support of the government in this area would depend on how it will be used and what the risks are.
Yes, I think it is an area that has great potential for improving life.
Something that can be useful; do support
Yes, its awesome. It has so many possibilities.
That depends on how transparent the work in the field was.
I'm not sure whatever we make i doubt will be perfect so I would rather preserve what we already have.
Yes. i think it can be used to help health and to protect us from having to enter into dangerous situations.
Nothing can top what God has created. Probably not
Sounds like a plan. AI and bio-mechanics would be great, like cyborgs. More like the artificial limbs like in Star Wars, if we could get prosthetics to be that useful it would be swell.
Government, no. Private enterprise, yes
I am not an expert (or even amateur, or even interested) in this field so I couldn't help much. It is an interesting area of research, though. I would be ethically/morally opposed to research in some topics in this field, though not all (so my helping would be contingent on the specific topic).
Overall, I think it's an amazing new (I would guess within the 40-50 years?) field that has great potential in a few areas.
I would totally give support. The more we can learn about artificial nature/intelligence the more we can learn about existing nature/intelligence and the more we can learn about ourselves and the world we inhabit.
I believe that artificial nature/intelligence is the future of our world. These areas will change the way health, business, our lives work. I would support the government in this area.
It is an interesting field of study. I would absolutely give my assistance.
Not sure what artificial nature is, but I don't like the idea of artificial intelligence.
Maybe I've been influenced a little too much by Hollywood, but I'm reminded of some creepy movie where a robot becomes sentient and has to be stopped.
At the same time, a problem-solving machine might be useful. My support would depend on what the technology would be used for.
I'm for it.
It sounds really cool. Yeah
Artificial intelligence is an interesting topic. On the one hand, creating autonomous, man-made beings would be a very large feat, but on the other hand, the horror stories such as IRobot come to mind. Even if we do use the 3 fundamental rules Asimov created, there are ways around it, especially if we model the artificial intelligence after our own ways of thinking. I would support artificial intelligence since having autonomous things would make some jobs much safer and open up a new realm of possibilities.
I am somewhat afraid of a robot attack on the U.S., so that is what I think of. I actually don't really know much about this. But I think the government should fund research into technology that can better people's lives by helping them in areas they have trouble in, such as if artificial intelligence can help people with physical disabilities. I'm not sure, I would definitely have to learn more about it and weigh the risks/benefits/ethical issues at stake. I know that I would be hesitant to support it unless very clear on what I was supporting and why
Artificial nature can provide valuable resource in food and medicine. I would support it in the future.
If I had more information, maybe.
I think it would offer great
If it's not natural, I always assume first that artificial or synthetic anything (pertaining to the human body and it's components) can cause cancer. So, I am highly suspect, but open to the idea that artificial nature or intelligence can be for the common good, too.
I think it is fascinating. Yes I'd support it
I have my concerns, there are clearly ways to manipulate A.I. and I think that scientists need to proceed with a great deal of caution. I do see how A.I. can drastically improve life for people; I also see how it can be misused.
I would give it.
Although the topic is highly controversial, I can see many useful applications for artificial nature and intelligence.
I would support this area because furthering knowledge in this field could greatly benefit mankind. However, I do believe that it should be used responsibly and ethically.
I thinks it's an important advancement and a step towards extreme possibilities. But I would need to see clear opportunities and clear regulation laid out before any support was given.
AI will take over the world!!! I would ask the government for bionic arms.

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