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What are the first 3 words that come to mind when you hear Synthetic Biology?

million dollar man
I am confused
iGem, bacteria, rna
artificial intelligence stuff
Pretty goddamn cool
microbes, engineering, genes
bacteria, biofuel, bioengineering
microscopes, mechanics, cells
What is it?
Life, integration, possibilities
gross germ stuff
Mastery of Nature
i don't know
cells manmade life
making fake organisms
making fake organisms
biology, science, gas
bio fuel medicine
drugs, fuels, cyborg
Genetics, medicine, sustainability
Life, Man-made, awesome
Synthetic Biology Boring
hard, confusing, smart
complicated, cutting-edge, research
Difficult, Frogs, Robots
really hard work
Lab, Life, Creating
corn, mice, microscope
vaccines, crops, medicine
Awesome, Armegeddon, Anime
controversial enhanced unnatural
future, revision, augmentation
Fiber Organ Optic
Genectically altered organisma
creation, genetic, chimera
singularity kurzweil dresdencodak
splicing, cloning, replicating
cells, genes, reactions
bacteria, artificial, cool
fake biology, nerd
I don't know.
Genetic Engineering Plasmid
Nanoparticles, medicine, biodomes
animals, genes, fake
man made fake
Awesome hard expensive
biochemistry, potential, microbs
technology emerging controversial
super awesome future
Creation, new, health
cells, DNA, Laboratory
science, fake, confusing
complicated. green. plastics
. cool and amazing
genes, ecoli, proteins
do not know
tissue engineering cells
What is that?
genetics, altering cells
genetically engineered organsims
prosthetics, combining, plants
bacteria, chromosomes, research
artificial life, fear
Genetic Engineering, mutants
biological engineering, prosthetic
Man Made Organisms
Plastic. Recombination. Genetics
pretty freakin cool

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