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Any Other Comments?

good luck!
Good Luck!!!!!
Maybe you should provide some brief outline of what synthetic biology is to give a little bit of context to the questions.
Good luck guys!
Why is there a "star" background? Why not the DNA helix?
I hope this helps you to know that I don't know much about synthetic biology and look forward to hearing about it in the future.
I have a vague idea of what synthetic biology is, but really I have no idea.
Its difficult to do this quiz without any knowledge about synthetic biology.
The next time you see Amanda Chang, look at her and say "STOP, only I may dance."
go synth bio!
have a great day! :)
I wish you guys the best of luck at iGEM!
Hope this was helpful!
I don't really know about any of the things asked.
Sorry I don't really understand synthetic biology.
I don't know a lot about science, which is too bad because it is so important because it can make such drastic changes in people's lives.
Yay science!
I really want to know what synthetic biology is now.
Good luck with your projects and bringing your ideas to fruition!

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