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What kind of science and/or synthetic biology do you see in pop culture (music, movies, tv etc.)?

movies, such as gataca, repo men, etc etc. as well as any cloning movie
tv: E.t.
sci fi movies There is chemistry and DNA testing science done in CSI and Law and Order type shows. There is also medical science used in some shows on TLC as well as Grey's Anatomy type shows.
I don't know what synthetic biology is beyond a general combination of the terms, so I don't know. Jurassic Park, maybe?
I could identify influences on movie plots over the years.
eh... dont really pay that much attention to the specific type of science in any given movie. everyone is going to point out terminator, but i also want to say Avatar (the movie, not the show) because of them making a Na'vi body.
There are lots of examples of using synthetic biology in crime shows when the forensics person analyzes data. There's some books about that I've read that are very anti-genetic engineering because of the seed companies that genetically engineer seeds to die after one season and trap third world farmers into continuing to buy seeds from that company.
Most cases deal with ethical issues.
Gattaca, Star Trek: TNG. Mostly fear mongering, but in examples like Star Trek, the controversy seems much more philosophical than life-threatening.
I don't know.
Robots, right? Mostly in future movies, it would be nice to see some synthetic biology concepts in "near future" instances maybe.
Lots of genetic modification in scifi movies- Gattaca, AI, Aeon Flux, the book House of Scorpions, I Robot. Even movies dealing with plague outbreaks deal a little in synthetic biology, especially anything working in engineered weapons.
Gattaca immediately comes to mind. I also think of the song Robots by Stephanie Barak.
Usually it is portrayed negatively, such as in the movie GATTACA, where people are selectively bred to be extremely strong and good at everything.
Frankenstein, E.T.
numb3rs, forensic shows, NOVA!
Horribly misinterpreted.
Mutations in people (like on Heroes), and cloning. Maybe super saiyans.
See a lot of genetic engineering in futuristic movies for things like growing organs
the fake stuff like in avatar or galaxy quest
avoid pop culture
Misconception about the whole thing everywhere.
Occasionally movies/TV shows/books come out with a premise of using genetically engineered biological weapons (i.e., many Michael Crichton novels, etc). That's the only thing I can think of, other than the hearing the increasing voices against the use of genetically modified things (organic foods becoming more popular, etc).
Science is everywhere, genetic engineering and synthetic biology are sometimes mentioned. The first example I can think of is the movie GATTACA. I guess it is brought up in the recent Bioshock video games.
In many movies science is taken to the extreme, often showing the horrors of science gone awry or what happens when "man tries to defeat nature." These views rarely reflect real science and can have the tendency to skew the public's perception of what science does and how it operates.
Lots of things like cloning/genetic engineering to make a pefect race, etc. in movies
I have no idea.
CSI and other assorted crime labs look very high-tech. I don't remember seeing many positive viewpoints on synthetic biology.
There is a lot of nanite subjects as well as "flash cloning" and growing biochemical agents.
I remember a lot of robot movies and TV shows because those kind of frighten me-AI, I am Robot (?), The Terminator, Smart House, where technology can be frightening or try to take over. I also hear about those end of the world movies, but I'm not sure how scientific those are.
I can't think of any synthetic biology references, but I know that physics/acoustics is an integral part of music movies and tv.
I love Jurassic Park!!
'Blinded me with science!'
Movies always do some movie about how scary science is. Andromeda strain, GATTACA. Coldplay's song 'Scientist'.
It has been part of science fiction movies, although synthetic biology is not really fiction any more, is it?!
The shows Alias and 24 utilize threats of bio engineering or synthetic biology, and thus perpetuate the notion that bio eng./syn. bio is something we should be afraid of.
Engineering humans to have exceptional abilities.
You see mainly things such robots and development of miracle cures that turn into something horrifying. examples-I-Robot, I am Legend.
Gattaca (movie)
Fake eyelashes, fake hair, fake breasts. Mostly augmentation for the purposes of creating ideal form.

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