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Creativity week - Week 6

2nd-8th august


Creative Workshop

We set up a creative workshop with the hope of generating ideas about the name of the project, the mascot and designs for the logo. In an attempt to translate science into art, a brainstorming session took place to think of all the possible words and themes related to the project. We talked about the wet lab work and how could this be incorporated with the team's mission to find a suitable "image".



A visit to the Wellcome Trust was arranged after a suggestion that Giulia made. It was a great opportunity to see the exhibition and at the end of the day, several points were made. The ideas generated at the workshop were presented to the meeting with the artists with the aim of developing a final project name and logo. It was a very interesting day out where we ventured through the numerous galleries available and it truly did inspire us. We even had a chance to catch the Cambridge project E.Chromi from last year.


Today we went head to head in our weekly thursday meetings. It was a long 3 hour meeting where we discussed amongst the usual updates and progress, the future vision of our project or more importantly our concept. Where could we see our project a decade down the line? We discussed its effects on the biopharmaceutical industry in detail, and how we hope that once this proof of principle is shown to actually work, it can potentially be implemented in similar processes. The BP oil slick was fresh in our minds still and that inspired Arif to suggest the potential to use our circuit to help clear the spill, maybe out of the blue, but nothings impossible. Check our future vision section to really get a glimpse of our ideas and desires.


Today our friend Alessandro came into UCL again and took more photos of us.

Carol proved her awesomeness today (as is seen in the picture on the left, while Arif falls short of awesomeness and has alot of work to do)


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