Team:UCL London/Week 3




Notebook - Week 3

12th-18th July


The real work began this week, Xiang and James got down to analysing how we were going to carry out the lab work, and the plan behind it. Somehow, we mangaged to convince ourselves that's we will be done in 3 weeks, that's taking into consideration that there are 0 errors and 100% efficiency. James designed a "pretty plan" on powerpoint, quite impressive actually.


Today we met up to discuss how the lab work will be structured. We had forms and other issues to sort out before our lab work really kick started.

We have already emphasised the importance of safety, and so we went about arranging for a safety session where our suprvisors ans safety technicians went through the "to do" and not to do rules of the lab. The session was very enlightening as it made us aware of all the lab safety issues and fire exits.


To summarize, it was quite a relaxing week where we got a chance to get to know each other better and also to understand iGEM further. All of us spent a lot of time researching and understanding what we were going to put ourselves through over the next few months.


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