Team:UCL London/Week 12




UL OPEN DAY- Week 12

13th - 19th September


ARIF TO THE RESCUE!!! Due to various reasons, only Arif could make it into labs today, and being the spartan champion that he is, he managed to sucessfully transform to vital parts, essential for us to carry into our fermentation session.


Today was the UoL (University of London) Open day for undergraduates, and this was a great chance for us to really let people know about iGEM and specifically about our work. Since, the Senate House, is only across the Engineering Building of UCL- and yes we are lucky!- we manage to have a productive day in terms of: convincing people to apply for a course in Engineering and specifically in Biochemical Engineering or Biochemistry, where they can get to work on the summer project like we did. A colourful leaflet prepared by Elena was shown to prospective undergraduates who seemed very interested on this. Copies of that were distributed to them and we also managed to interview many, and get their opinions on various aspects of our projects such as our logo design.


Today was the second day of the University of London open day, once again, we were out on a patrol ensuring that our presence was felt. Inquisitive students came to our stand, and seemed very interested in finding out more about iGEM and how they could join. Many people hadn't heard of synthetic biology before so this was very enlightening for them. Students from all different disciplines approached us asking if they needed to be an Engineer or even a scientist to join, we assured them that anyone from any discipline could be a part of iGEM.


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