Team:UCL London/Week 1




Dear Diary... Week 1


1st - 4th July


At long last, the UCL iGEM 2010 campaign kickstarted with a meeting where everyone was present allowing all the members to meet each other! It was the very first meeting..the air was buzzing with enthusiasm and everyone just could not wait until this would take flesh and bones.

Our team is made up of Biochemical Engineers from 2nd to 4th year, Biochemists 1st to 3rd year, Artists and Designers and even our own Communication Ambassador. Darren and Eli presented the project and explained what was expected of us as a team. A few ideas were thrown on the table such as the wet lab strategy, the biobricks registration, the project name,and the application of this project.

UCL iGEM2010...had so much to look forward to...................


The following day, we met again and went out for lunch as a team. It was a stress free day and we got to know each other better which essentially is step one to that GOLD that we're looking for!


Week 2

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