Welcome to Tokyo-NoKoGen wiki!

We are Tokyo-NoKoGen and come from Tokyo, Japan.
Our team members all belong to the Department of Biotechnology at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology. Our team, Tokyo-NoKoGen, is composed of 18 students, 6 instructors and one adviser.
Although we ended up with a bronze medal last year, it generated lots of excitement and interest within our team and within our school.

This year, Tokyo-NoKoGen has 13 new members. We are determined to get a gold medal and fight as a finalist for the grand prize.
In researching, our team became very interested in environmental contamination and energy problem.
So our team designed the new project; EcoTanker, and we try to achieve the goal of our project.
We feel the whole iGEM experience is VERY good for students and we believe synthetic biology has become an important field.
Therefore our team will certainly continue to generate great interest in synthetic biology and iGEM within our school.

We believe, in the immediate future, the technique of synthetic biology will be used for our life.
Therefore, we are involved in the development of synthetic biology through our iGEM project. Of course, we anticipate very much the meeting with exciting and interesting studies of other teams.
Let’s open up new possibility of synthetic biology!