Team:The Citadel-Charleston/Judging


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     In our first year at iGEM, The Citadel team has worked hard to establish a synthetic biology research group at our school, to complete an interesting and challenging project, and to learn everything about biological engineering!  We are providing the following report to help visitors gauge what goals we met.

  1. We founded a new iGEM team, composed of three undergrad students and two professors.
  2. We built a new genetic part, a protein coding sequence that encodes Peptide Tyrosine Tyrosine (3-36).  We synthesized this part, we've entered the part into the Registry website, and we are providing the part DNA to iGEM HQ.
  3. We designed a new genetic circuit for the expression of PYY3-36 and the regulation of expression via AHL-mediated population control. 
  4. We completed a community outreach event in which our students and professors engaged local residents and visitors to Charleston, South Carolina.  We informed the people about synthetic biology, iGEM, and our team.  We demonstrated a DNA extraction using household products, and we encouraged science in everyday life.  We gave away handouts showing the method for perform the experiment at home ( we also gave away cookies and Jell-O).
  5. We aided the following teams with their own Human Practice projects:
    1. Edinburgh
    2. Mexico-UNAM-CINVESTAV
  6. We will present a poster and give a talk on our project at the iGEM Jamboree in November 2010.
  7. We will provide our school's administration with a detailed summary of the summer's work, with recommendations for future competitions.


     The Citadel team has attempted to meet as many of the established Judging Criteria as possible during the summer research. The following checklist is designed to aid Judges in reviewing how well we met the competition's preset goals:

  • Register the team, have a great summer, and have fun attending the Jamboree.   -   SUCCESS!
  • Complete and submit the Project Summary form.   -   SUCCESS!
  • Create and share a description of the team's project on an iGEM wiki.   -   SUCCESS!
  • Present a poster and talk at the iGEM Jamboee.   -   SUCCESS!
  • Enter information for at least one new standard Biobrick part into the Reigstry.   -   SUCCESS!
    • Include sequence information, function, authorship, saftey notes sources/referneces, etc.   -   SUCCESS!
    • Submit DNA for at least one new Biobrick part to the Registry.   -   FAILURE! / SUCCESS! 
      • (We have synthesized our part and are in the process of shipping it to iGEM HQ.)
  • Help another iGEM team.   -   MULTIPLE SUCCESSES!