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Sponsors related to TU Munich

We thank the Fachschaftenrat der TU M√ľnchen and Asta for supporting us in the name of the students of the TU Munich. We really appreciate you for trusting us with your StudiTUM money and the support from different departments and disciplines which is implicated here. Thank you very much!

We thank TUM International for supporting us by paying our flights to the Jamboree! We are really grateful for your immense support which really made the day of nine lab students and relieved us from our biggest fears. We also really appreciate the support by the TUM presidency who granted the money.

Support Organizations

We thank the DAAD, Germany Academic Exchange Service for supporting us from their international competition fund.


We thank Eurofins MWG Operon for financial help. We really appreciate the effort you had in getting us an extra budget and are happy to get support from the industry. Thank you very much!

Lab sponsors

We thank Biomers for discount on their sequences. We needed a lot of them and delivery was always fast, talking with you about orders was always nice and quality and amount of DNA were excellent! Thank you very much!

Like many other iGEM Teams we would like to thank Mr. Gene for their discount! Thank you very much for the good price!

We would also like to thank New England Biolabs for offering a good price on their enzymes. We really loved working with them, cutting and ligating was not really fun but much easier! Thanks a lot for nice phone calls and a positive attitude towards our work with iGEM!