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Our Project


This year the TU Delft team will take a more worldly approach by making an attempt on improving the environment by creating biobricks that will facilitate hydrocarbon degradation in aqueous environments. See our project description or follow us on our blog.

TU Delft iGEM Team 2010

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We've got our team together! 9 undergraduate students of the Delft Technical University have cleared their schedules until (at least) September in order to work on iGEM. Most of us have backgrounds in Life Sciences and Biotechnology, but we also have a Bioinformatician on our side. Besides Synthetic Biology we also share a passion for playing music. Want to get to know us? Have a look at our team page

Media attention

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The iGEM TU Delft team is getting more and more popular!

2010-10-09: Eva & Nadine in the Dutch national newspaper 'Volkskrant' Read here (dutch)

2010-06-17: A short video was recorded about our team and synthetic biology by Nanopodium, a platform for exchanging thoughts, ideas, opinions and best practices on nanotechnology. The video is coming soon on youtube, to read more on Nanopodium itself, click here

2010-06-16: iGEM TU Delft on Dutch national TV (NOS news)! Watch here in Dutch and here with English subtitles.

2010-06-16: Dutch national radio. Listen here, or go to the NOS news item.

2010-05-27: The TU Delta, a weekly magazine of the Delft Technical University, published an article about our team. You can find the article here

Oil Sands Initiative

Our project is sponsored by a grant from Oil Sands Initiative. We are grateful to the following sponsors: