Team:TU Delft/7 June 2010 content



DNA order

Aljoscha signing the DNA order

After the relaxing jam session of yesterday, we all head back to the lab/office. Besides planning the trip to Paris workshop for this weekend, we also spend some time on setting up the first transformations. Also new possible sponsors are addressed. We are still on the hunt!

The ordering invoice for the DNA synthesis are signed and on their way to Mr Gene. Of course we added their logo to our webpages and Facebook and Twitter. And all team members have become fans on the network sites.

Lab work

Antibiotica stocks

Hugo, Ramon and Pieter made the antibiotic stock solutions. Though it is kinda hard to solubilize Chloramphenicol in water. Fortunately we have Hugo, the vortexman, on our team!

BioBrick stocks

We suspended some BioBricks from the distribution plate that we are planning to use in our project. Some of the BioBricks contain RFP. The red colour in our epps really looked nice! De BioBricks that we suspended were:

The concentration of the suspended BioBricks is not sufficient for all our plans. To make more plasmid, we are going to transform the BioBricks, grow colonies and isolate the plasmid.

Thias is also preparing for PCR amplification of a few biobricks. Esengül explained the mysteries of the magnificant PCR machines.

Hugo, the vortexman
Esengül explained the mysteries of the magnificant PCR machines

Quotes of the day

(While punching the first hole in the first biobrick plate ever)

Thias: What's in that bottle?

(something goes wrong)

Hugo: SHIT!

Kira intriged by the epps
The first biobricks in solution!