Team:TU Delft/2 July 2010 content



Lab work

BioBrick stocks

Today we performed Colony PCR with the transformants of the BioBricks to check if everything is what is says it is.

Results of the colony PCR on 1% agarose gel

1 % agarose of colony PCR. Gel runned 1 hour at 100 V. Of all samples 10 μL + 2 μL loadingbuffer was loaded and 5 μL was loaded of the marker

Lane description:

# Description Expected lenght (bp) Primers Status
M1 EZ load percision n/a n/a n/a
1 J61100 293 G00100 + G00101
2 J61101 293 G00100 + G00101
3 J61107 293 G00100 + G00101
4 J61117 293 G00100 + G00101
5 J61127 293 G00100 + G00101
6 B0034 250 G00100 + G00101
7 J23109 G00100 + G00101
8 B0015 445 G00100 + G00101
9 E0422 1155 G00100 + G00101
10 E0240 1114 G00100 + G00101
M2 Smartladder n/a n/a n/a

Competent cells

At the same time Eva is making more competent cells. We go through our competent cells so quickly. To test the efficiency of the competent cells, 100 ng standard pUC19 vector was transformed and plated on LB agar containing 100 μg/mL Ampicillin. The plates were incubated on room temperature.

World Championship

We watched the World Cup game (the Netherlands - Brazil) in our iGEM room. Care was taken for many tasty snacks. Cake, chips and drinks Mmmmm.

Viva Hollandia! Stop sound