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Hi Everyone:

First off, thanks to Alex for talking to parents and new admits at ASURPS. Hopefully, next year we'll be able attract tons of people to Stanford iGEM!

Second, based on the feedback from the "brainstorming" survey, I think we're ready to move onto a slightly more detailed view of the project ideas. I've attached a spreadsheet of the comments that people made. For next two week, let's have each team member attempt to improve upon the starred ideas. For this week, please take your starred idea(s) and do as much research as possible over the next three days to determine (1) whether it is feasible, (2) if there are any parts in the parts library that could potentially be incorporated and (3) a basic blackbox diagram of "sensors", "reporters", "generators", etc. at the device level. Where you cannot easily build a nice diagram, state it clearly so we are aware of the difficulties you are facing. (4) Identify the basic project idea (i.e. trash eating bacteria, stress detecting cell, minicell production) and brainstorm a list of other applications for the basic project idea (i.e. a stress detecting cell can be used to monitor orthodontics and bone development). Make a set of slides for this. You'll be pitching your ideas to a panel of graduate students this week and in coming weeks so please do a good job on this initial pitch.

The meeting on Tuesday, 6-7:30p in Rm. 105.

Thanks, Anusuya


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