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Journal Club 4/15/10

Presentation by Alejandro

DNA-ligand binding

d[DNA-L]/dt = k_on*[DNA][L] - k_off*[DNA-L]

If we define: [TotalDNA] = [DNA] + [DNA-L]

Then: d[DNA-L]/dt = k_on*([TotalDNA] - [DNA-L]) - k_off*[DNA-L]

Solving, we get: [DNA-L] = [TotalDNA][L] / (k_off/k_on + L)

Usually, we define the dissociation constant to be: kD = k_off/k_on

So we end up with: [DNA-L] = [TotalDNA][L] / (kD + L)

Other oscillators


Did not end up working too well in the long run, but ground-breaking for its time.

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The original paper.

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