Team:Stanford/NotebookPage/12 July 2010


Christopher's iGEM Notebook for July 12 2010'"

  • Run Gel of Restricted Digested RBS+GFP+Terminators (I746908 partial)
  • Gel Extract
  • Run Gel of Gel Extracted Digest Products from Friday:
 3C5     E/P 2738 bp (buffer 3)
F2620   E/S (on pSB1A2) 1061 bp
  • I746908 E/P (on psb1A2) 2093 bp-can’t separate
  • B0034 X/P (on psb1A2) 12 bp-do NOT run on gel
  • J23100 E/S (on psb1A2) 35 bp-do NOT run on gel