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The 2010 SJTU-Bio-X iGEM team is composed of many fancy guys who held great passion toward biology, especially the emerging field of synthetic biology. Though we may come from similar background, we have various interests and strong points. We are happy that we cooperate with each other and fulfill our achievement together. We make it!

Recalling the first time we met up in a small classroom, the enthusiasm filled the whole room. We even came up with small crazy ideas at the first discussion. Later on, the team met up once a week, shared with each other the new thoughts upon intensive paper reading. To our great surprise, we almost had one idea a time raised by various team members during the meeting.

The day on which we decided upon our final project idea, we held a meeting lasting a whole day, with our advisors as well as our former team members. It is a really hard decision for us to carry out the eukaryote part. The silence was broken when one of the team member spoke out a word, “it is the time that we no longer follow others and try something new in the unclaimed field, however difficult it is!” Soon, the atmosphere changed as if he came up with something that is under the heart of everyone. Thus, we finally made up our mind to engage our eukaryote part into the whole OA project.

When we got the cheerful news from our team members that are responsible for the cell experiment that we have proved to some extent the effectiveness of our designed circuit in the eukaryote system, we celebrated together upon the determination of taking the challenge at the beginning.

Members and Instructors

Just take a look at our lovely 15 members and 2 instructors! :)

Prof. MA Gang Prof. HE Lin, Head of Bio-X Institute


  • Attributions and Contributions:
  • All of the experiment, modeling, and even part of lab management work has been done by our team members. Our instructors and advisors helped by offering useful advice and information. Our host lab helped by offering the equipment and consumptive materials (e.g. restriction enzymes) needed to perform experiments. Here we express our greatest thankfulness to them.

Bio-X Center, as our host lab

Logo of Bio-X InstituteBio-X Institute, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU) is recombined and founded in 2005. The director of Bio-X Institute now is Professor HE Lin, who is an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Bio-X Institute offers us its laboratory, meeting room and equipments in Bones and Developmental Biology Base of Minhang Campus, which is quite easy and convenient for us. Meanwhile, it supports us 2 instructors and many nice postgraduates to help with our designing and experiments.

Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, formerly the Nang Yang Public School was founded in 1896 by SHENG Xuanhuai. It is one of the oldest and top universities in China. SJTU, through its century-long history, has nurtured large numbers of outstanding figures and made significant contributions to the thriving and prosperity of the nation and the development of science and technology. Of all the academicians of China's Academy of Sciences and Academy of Engineering, more than 200 are the alumni of Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

SJTU Library

Our library provides us a meeting room for group meeting. With the help of it, we can be easily gathered together from the reading rooms and start a discussion easily. With its humble origin as a small reading room built in 1896 upon the establishment of the Nan Yang Public School, the Shanghai Jiao Tong University(SJTU) Library is one of the most venerable university libraries in China today.

Merck KGaA, as our sponsor

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GenScript, as our 2nd sponsor

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Special thanks

We also extend our gratefulness to the advisors and labs that had helped us by offering some special equipment (e.g. the oxygen-free culture box), as listed below:

Professor Dabing Zhang, Plant Molecular Biology and Biosafety Lab, SJTU

Professor Xiang Xiao, Key Laboratory of Marine Biogenetic Resources, SJTU

Professor Ping Xu, Food and Environment Biology, Chemical Biology, SJTU

Professor Hongzhi Tang, SJTU

Igor Medina

(Sorry we have no photo of you yet, but Han Zhu thanks you very much for your Ras-GRF plasmid! :) )