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Grad Students:


  • Andrew Kirk
  • Erik McCann
  • Lauren Rossi
  • Anisha Katyal
  • Rebecca Hennessey


  • Trip Garland
  • Mike Kang


Pictures of us hard at work!

What we did

The Penn State iGEM team had bi-weekly meetings prior to the end of the spring semester. We then went home for a small break until reconvening May 24th. During the first week, we had training under the supervision of Mike Speer and Amin Espah. During our training week, we learned the procedures and protocols to Mini-prepping, running digests, running PCRs, doing Gel Electrophoresis, Gel extractions and purifications, Ligations, and finally, Transformations.

In addition to this, Mike taught us how to make the necessary medias in which we could grow our transformed E. coli and parts. We were taught proper lab etiquette and safety techniques to insure that we, and everyone around, would be safe.

We were introduced to the Parts Registry and online articles to help us decide what project we wished to do. After researching for an extent of time, we chose a project dealing with Oxygen sensitive promoters.

Our Background

Andrew Kirk is from Hersey, Pennsylvania. He is a sophomore majoring in Biological Engineering.

Erik McCann is from Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. He is a junior majoring in Biological Engineering and plans on either attending Graduate school or entering the work force. He has interests in biological engineering focusing on either food processing or biomass energy.

Lauren Rossi is from Pittston, Pennsylvania. She is a junior majoring in Microbiology and either wants to attend Graduate School or enter the work force after college. She is interested in microbiology and music.

Anisha Katyal is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. She is a junior majoring in biology and plans on attending Medical School.

Rebecca Hennessey is from Avondale, Pennsylvania. She is a junior majoring in Microbiology and wants to attend Graduate School for Biomedical Sciences. Her interests include cooking and baking, viruses and microbes, and traveling to new interesting places.

Trip Garland is from Virginia. He is a senior at the University of Virginia and is a chemical engineering major. He spent 10 weeks this summer at Penn State for R.E.U. (research experience for undergraduates) and helping the iGEM team.

Mike Kang is from Maryland. He is a sophomore majoring in English and Chemical Engineering at the University of Maryland. He is one of two R.E.U. students who helped with Penn State's iGEM team.