August 8 (Sun)

Attendance: Nakamura, Yasumoto

  1. Colony check
    • All parts successfully transformed
  2. Transfer to LB culture medium

August 9 (Mon)

  1. Miniprep of 1-1C
  2. Restriction digests of 2-20H, 2-20J, 1-1D, 1-18F, 1-1C, 1-13D, 1-2M
  3. Gel electrophoresis of digests ("cut check")
    • 2-20H, 2-20J, 1-1C -> OK
    • 1-1D, 1-18F, 1-13D, 1-2M -> not cut (single band, MW approx. equal to vector + insert)
  4. Transfer of 1-3A, 1-5A colonies to solution culture (repeat)
    • Yesterday's inoculated culture mediums contained the wrong antibiotics!
  5. Transformation of BBa_I13521, BBa_I13522, BBa_I13600, BBa_K204031, BBa_K204051, BBa_K204032 from last year's stock

August 10 (Tue)

  1. Miniprep of 1-3A, 1-5A
  2. Restriction digests of 1-3A, 1-5A
  3. Gel electrophoresis
    1. 1st run: 1-3A, 1-5A (newly miniprepped), 1-1D, 1-18F, 1-13D, 1-2M (repeat)
      • 1-3A, 1-5A -> OK; others -> not cut (again)
    2. 2nd run: 1-1D, 1-18F, 1-13D, 1-2M (2nd repeat)
      • all parts not cut

August 11 (Wed)

  1. Miniprep of last year's parts transformed on Monday
  2. Gel electrophoresis of 1-1D, 1-18F, 1-13D, 1-2M (3rd repeat!!!)
    • all 4 not cut... AGAIN
    • so far all restriction digests involving XbaI seem to have failed; problem with enzyme stock?
    • will try with different set of restriction enzymes next week
  3. Sent miniprepped last year's parts to ECUST team in Shanghai, China

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