Participation in iGEM Japan

iGEM Japan is an alliance of Japanese iGEM teams conceived as a platform for enhancing communication and cooperation between teams, as well as collectively promoting iGEM in Japan. We participated in several meetings to discuss the direction, membership and activities of this group. Two of iGEM Japan's major activities this year were the iGEM Japan Meet-up and a comprehensive, nation-wide Human Practices survey. Please look at the result for further information.
Fig.1/Taking survay

Joint proposal for Request for Comments (RFC)

The iGEM teams of Osaka and Edinburgh encountered similar problems in designing PCR primers incorporating the standard BioBrick Prefix and Suffix. Together, we drafted and submitted a joint proposal for a Request for Comments which was accepted as BBF RFC 54.

Help received from other teams

  • Edinburgh provided us with C. firmi beta-glucosidase part
  • New York provided us with yeast secretion tag and Aga2 display tag
  • Utah provided us with HlyA, TolA, Gene III tags

Our contributions

We helped the iGEM team of ECUST-Shanghai by sending them parts from our 2009 stock.


  • Professor Muranaka and all the members of Cell Tech Lab for lending us lab space and putting up with our intrusion
  • Chris French from Edinburgh for lots of helpful advice on cellulase degradation, primer design, drafting an RFC and iGEM in general
  • Damian Barnard from Edinburgh for the C. firmi beta-glucosidase part as well as assay protocols
  • Russell Durett from NYU for yeast secretion and cell display tags, sequence data and helpful info
  • Charles Miller from Utah for E. coli secretion tags
  • Makoto Ashiuchi of United Graduate School of Agricultural Sciences, Kochi University for the polyglutamate synthase and glutamate racemase genes
  • Shuichi Karita of Faculty of Bioresources, Mie University for cellulase and CBM genes

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