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pBR322 Derived Chloramphenicol Backbone
The biobrick backbone K415049 was constructed using the standard biobrick base vector method developed by Reshma Shetty et al. The pMB1 replication origin for pBR322 is a regulated version of the high copy pUC19 origin. The copy number is expected to be around 20. Due to homologies between the K415049 and the high copy pUC19 based vectors, there is an naturally occurring reverse sequencing site within the origin and regulatory regions. Thus, K415049 has an extra VR site. As of the wiki freeze (10/27/10), we are still characterizing the copy number and working on removing the extra sequencing site.

pSB6C5 would be the revised version of K415049 with the extra reverse sequencing site removed. A PCR based strategy has been developed for removing the extraneous region.

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