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From the 2010 MIT iGEM Team.See the Parts Registry Page!! →

This composite is composed of the parts BBa_K415000 and BBa_S03119. It can produce both luxR and mCherry. The production of luxR is normally constitutive, but can be repressed by TetR and derepressed by aTc. The production of mCherry is activated by c6-AHL and luxR, and repressed by cI. This is a test part that generates a reporter. Confirmation: The part was constructed via the insertion of BBa_S03119 into BBa_K415000 which has the backbone pSB1A2. The following 1% agarose gel, prepared from agarose mix and 1% TAE and stained with SYBR® Safe DNA gel stain, presents confirmation of said construction. The part was run along the standard of Hyperladder 1. NcoI and SphI enzymes were used for the restriction mapping, resulting in bands of 1089 base pairs and 2970 base pairs in agreement with sequencing predictions.

Figure 1

The following is a plasmid map of the part in backbone pSB1A2:

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