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Ivy Tech South Bend Bio Tech Club

Who we are


  • Professor T: Mentor for all
  • Amro Mentash: Our favorite
  • Keith P. Madden: Our leader


  • Z. A. Cassady: "Z. A. Cassady, 25. Biotechnology major. Interests include green biotechnology, bio-security, E. coli, and ewoks. Hope to add an MBA at some point and see what running a lab or start-up's like."
  • Hun Yong:
  • Zione Milomo: a
  • Joseph Hull: b
  • Emily Hawkins: c
  • Dylan Garvey: d
  • Adam Langenbrunner: e
  • Donald Kuykendall: f
  • Joice Perman: A 2010 associate graduate of the biotechnology degree. My interests include green technology, e.coli & genetics. I anticipate pursuing a degree in nanotechnology as well. I feel the sky is the future for all.--Joice2872 02:29, 16 July 2010 (UTC)
  • Rachelle Chamberlin: Computer Geek, Information Systems Major with a knack for getting myself in over my head. Interests include Music, Green Technology, data manipulation, Cats of all sizes, human rights and not managing people.

What we did

  • Professor T: Our Guide
  • Amro Mentash: Keeper of all things frozen
  • Keith P. Madden:
  • Hun Yong: Kept everyone in the loop
  • Z. A. Cassady:
  • Zione Milomo: photographer/
  • Joseph Hull: electroporation meister
  • Emily Hawkins:
  • Dylan Garvey: serious about the research
  • Adam Langenbrunner:
  • Donald Kuykendall:
  • Joice Perman: she can find any protocol
  • Rachelle Chamberlin: wiki support/ finder of parts
  • Irene: works in the shadows

Where we're from

South Bend is located in Northcentral Indiana just south of the Michigan state line. The Ivy Tech Community College South Bend campus is located just south of downtown at the corner of Michigan Street and Dean Johnson Blvd. South Bend is known for several of it's tourist attractions including The University of Notre Dame, The College Football Hall of Fame, Stanley Coveleski Stadium (home of the The South Bend Silverhawks), and the Studebaker National Museum. Our team member live in South Bend, Mishawaka, and the surrounding communities.

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Our College

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Our Home

Distance from Major Metropolitan areas:

Chicago, IL (west) - 96 miles

Indianapolis (south) - 138 miles

Detroit (north/east) - 215 miles

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