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“To Swim or Not to Swim?”

Our iGEM team is composed primarily of Ivy Tech Biotech students, most of which are getting credit for their program capstone course (BIOT 280).



Anyone who wants to enjoy bathing in natural bodies of water in or near areas populated by humans or livestock may encounter unsafe levels of enteric bacteria. Contemporary methods of assessing water quality have a slow turn-around time so we have taken steps to perfect a biosensor for rapidly indirectly quantifying the presence of enteric bacteria in natural water samples through the detection of quorum sensing factors. Previous IGEMS have exploited the LuxR/pLux system for the detection of a variety of N-acylhomoserine lactone autoinducers. We have taken steps to further perfect a biosensor based on this device by transforming a gram-positive bacteria host to eliminate any background autoinducer signal and to build-in an enzymatic “read-out” to obtain an analog output. We envision the development of a handheld monitor that uses this IGEM biosensor, immobilized on input paper strips, to rapidly detect unsafe levels of enteric bacteria in water samples.

Final Track Selection (how qualified)

1. Environment (water quality monitoring)

2. Health/Medicine (assessing health risks)

3. Manufacturing (a device to detect water quality)

Overall project

Machines Used for Experiments

Cdd Centrifuge made by Beckman Coulter Cat# 358826 s/n MHB07L005

Electroporator made by Bio-Rad/micropulser model# micropulser s/n 411BR5680

Power Pack Basic made by Bio-Rad model# PowerPack Basic s/n 041BR14929

Mini Vortex made by VWR cat# 12620-838 s/n 050321005

Adventure Pro AV64 Scale/ Balance made by OHaus s/n 8030251127 cal. 01/15/2010 +/- .6

Fluorometer made by Bio-Rad model# versaFluor s/n 435BR1682

Spectrometer made by ThermoScientific model# GeneSys 10svis s/n 2E2N180003 Cat# 840-20800

Mini Centrifuge made by Bio-Rad s/n 0406-1448

Bio-Rad Digital Dry Bath s/n S91825253

BR1000 Micropipettor made by Bio-Rad s/n 747762193

BR200 Micropipettor made by Bio-Rad s/n 947762193

BR10 Micropipettor made by Bio-Rad s/n 747720725

VWR 200 S made by VWR s/n 541450569

Project Details

Part 2

The Experiments

Part 3


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