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Want to know what we've been up to this summer? Need to know how to structure your Synthetic Biology School Workshop? Or do you just want to check out some pictures of our project? No worries, just sit back and relax! We've compiled a whole host of videos and images to give you a taste of what we've been up to.
Our Imperial College iGEM Logo
Another really cool logo
The Team
The team with advisors Chris and Tom
The Imperial College iGEM Team
Some team members with SynBio icon Jay Keasling!!!
Maddie and a bit of Kirill in labs
Maddie in labs again
Maddie in labs... AGAIN
Kirill, Maddie and Nick
Nick (posing?)
Piotr focusing, Anita not so much!
Piotr and Anita
Maddie and Kirill
Anita and Ben
Nick knows ONE song on the guitar! Wow
Ania, Kyasha and Florian
The team and some of the advisors at Eastside.
Kyasha, Maddie and Harriet
Some of the team members at Eastside!
The team at the Human Practices Panel. Don't we look excited???
Our lovely advisors at the Human Practices Panel.
Some members of the team
Flo and Harriet
Susanna criticising our ideas?
Harriet and Wolf
Flo =)
Our advisors
Fv-fragment guided input module
Ideas on parasite detection
Nick's idea on cell population control
Nick's idea...
Nick's idea...
Nick's idea...
Wet Lab

Surface Protein

Surface Protein Team Logo
Assembly Strategy for LytC
Gel confirming that DNA (pSB1C3 and pSB1AK3 with BOO14) has been digested properly by PstI and EcoRI.
Gel of PCR confirming pSB1C3 has been amplified.
Picture estimating the concentration of purified BOO14 and pSB1C3.
Colony PCR to detect sucessfully transformed bacteria.
3 PCR reactions to determine the most effective protocol to amplify the CWB.
Gel of a diagnostic digest of the vector confirming that the terminator has been inserted.
Isolation of the promoter pVEG by gel purification.
Determining the ratio of pSB1C3 to pVEG for ligation.
Determining the ratio of lytC to pSB1C3 for ligation.


Vectors Team Logo
Assembly strategy for the AmyE vector
Assembly strategy for the PyrD vector
K14002 and oligo assembly
K143070 and K11064 assembly step
LacI Testing Vector


XylE Team Logo
Team XylE
The J23101 gene in a biobrick vector containg RFP gene.
Midi-prep XylE digestion with xbaI and PstI
Gel analysis of XylE, J23101 promoter and pSB1C3 vector samples
Catechol assay (before)
Catechol assay (after) - Can you spot the difference?
Catechol assay on XylE-trasformed cells in a 96-well plate
First Successful Catechol Assay!
First Successful Catechol Assay!
Test confirming that yellow product of XylE enzmymatic reaction is leaks back from the cytosol into the solution.
The coloured pigment is transported out of the cells.
Spectra of XylE transformed E.coli after addition of catechol assay
Catechol Assay cuvette setup
Catechol Assay cuvette setup
The Engineering Design Cycle
The full assembly strategy
Wolf's primers
ComE binding sites in the promoters of the comCDE and comAB operons
Detection Module
Dr Martha Betson explaining the Schistosoma lifecycle
Detection Module Construct
Surface Protein Construct
Detection Module Schematic
Signalling Module
Results of a BLAST search using ComE (Accession no. AAC44897)
Results of a BLAST search using BlpR (Accession no. CAC03515.1)
Signalling Module Construct
Signalling Module Pathway
Fast Response Module
Fast Response Module Construct
Fast Response Module Testing Construct
Human Practices
Human Practices panel: advisors
The team looks reeeeaaaalllly interested
Maddie's notes from the HP panel
Should scientists be allowed to create artificial life?
Should scientists be allowed to create artificial life?
Building prototypes informed our design
We wanted our kit to be as useful as possible
This is the first design...
A prototype of our dipstick concept!! So cool!!!
More pictures of our awesome prototype!!!
School Workshops
Chameleon: Now you see me - now you don't
More brainstorming
...and more brainstorming
Ideas on regulation of Synthetic Biology
H'n'H sauce (Hot&Healthy) - yummy
More ideas on regulations of SynBio
Brainstorming again
iGEM <3
Check out the lens creating bacteria!
More ideas...
Happy Bacteria?!