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    Biofilms quantification

    • Precultures of PHL818 and MG1655 in M63 medium + 0,2g/L glucose
    • Dilute the cultures in order to have an absorbance (600nm) of 0,02, into a 24-well hydrophobic polystyrene plate, in (M63 + glucose)/2 medium, with sucrose concentrations varying between 0 and 0,3mol/L
    • Incubate at 30°C, during 48h
    • Pull out the 2ml supernatants and rinse one time with 1ml of M63 medium.
    • Resuspend the adherent bacteria with 1ml of M63 medium.
    • Measure the biomass in 3ml supernatants and also in 1ml biofilm (absorbance at 600nm). Calculate the percentage of bacteria in biofilms, which represents the adherence percentage.