Construction for the regulation by arabinose

We can find below the details schemas of the three constructions requisite for this regulation

  1. LuxR and LuxI construction
  2. LuxR and HSL construction
  3. pBad and AraC construction

    Construction3 : regulation under pBad and AraC protein

    • First, two phasin proteins extracted from igem database and an intein protein are ligated to form the phasin-intein construction, kept in collection for a future ligation. A part of this phasin-intein construction is placed after a constitutive promoter in order to test the construction validity by fluorescence quantification.

      Figure 1 : phasin-intein construction

      Pbad/araC has to be placed upstream the cI gene and the phasin-intein construction,the productions of cI repressor and phasin and intein proteins are dependant of arabinose addition in medium.

      Figure 2 : Construction under Pbad araC control

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