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Shashi Bala Prasad

Parshuram J Sonawane

Srivats V
Currently in his fifth year, pursuing a dual degree in Biotechnology at IIT Madras, Srivats is primarily a molecular biologist and has previously worked on The mechanisms of Puf5p mediated translational repression in S. cerevisiae and a sequence/structure analysis of Puf5 binding to the HO mRNA 3’ UTR in Dr. Wickens' lab at the University of Wisconsin, Madison(Summer 2009). That apart, he is an avid quizzer, fan of Queen, Star Wars, and His Noodliness, the Flying Spaghetti Monster. His ambition in life is to one day have an Erdős–Bacon number of under 6, and he is one of those who sincerely believe that the answer to Life, the Universe and everything is 42!