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We thank Professor Dr. Guhan Jayaraman for providing us with the Acid Tollerance promoter p170 in the plasmid pAMJ399 which also incidently contains the export tag sp310mut2; p170 (BBa_K372001) and sp310mut2 the two basic parts we are submitting to the registry.

We also thank Ms. Sashi Balaprasad for taking the time to help us out with the designing of PCR primers and also providing us the plasmid pNZ8048, containing the NISIN inducible promoter, which we planned to use in our Master Construct but later could not PCR amplify due to time constraints. We plan to use it in our future work.

We are grateful to Professor Dr. Nitish R Mahapatra and Mr. Parshuram Sonawane for providing us with the Sirius Illuminometer which we used for characterizing our part p170 (BBa_K372001) and for further characterization of the existent registry part J23119.

We would also like to thank Professor Dr K Chandraraj and Professor Dr Guhan Jayaraman for their help with administrative work and guidance throughout the course of this project.

Special thanks to all our Seniors and Team members of our previous iGEM team who never hesitated in helping us out.