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Sponsor IDT

Since 1987, Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) has been a major force in advancing biotechnology research both as a leading supplier of custom oligonucleotides and a developer of innovative new biotechnologies. Researchers select IDT as their custom oligonucleotide supplier of choice for quality, service and price. Over 77,000 customers worldwide trust IDT for dependable products of the highest quality.

In 2001, IDT dramatically expanded its manufacturing capacity and further enhanced its high-throughput synthesis division. IDT now routinely fulfills large-volume orders consisting of hundreds of thousands of oligonucleotides, while still maintaining quality controls that are second to none. Today, every oligo synthesized is tested by mass spectrometry and must pass strict quality control guidelines to be shipped to the customer. In addition to improving the quality of custom synthesized DNA, IDT has dramatically shortened turnaround times by offering a variety of expedited services, such as SameDay® oligo synthesis, Rapid HPLCTM purification services, HOTplatesTM and Express DLPTM products.

In addition to DNA, IDT has led the effort over the last decade to reduce the cost of high-quality custom RNA synthesis. Through improvements to the traditional tBDMS chemistry and advances in instrumentation, IDT has achieved the highest coupling efficiency in the industry. Only at IDT are customers guaranteed the very best in quality synthesis with free mass spectrometry and CE traces on all purified RNA oligos.

In 2005, IDT's manufacturing headquarters achieved ISO 9001:2008 certification. IDT's success in achieving certification reflects the strength of its existing product quality procedures, as well as its clear commitment to the manufacturing excellence and the ongoing development of its quality management system. It also signifies the continuing commitment of IDT's management to strengthen the company's ability to identify and meet the needs and evolving expectations of its customers.

Also in 2005, IDT acquired oligonucleotide provider Genbase and began manufacturing at its West Coast operations facility. IDT now accepts orders until 11p.m. ET. With more capacity and extended business hours, IDT provides the fastest, most reliable service worldwide.

In early 2006, IDT completed a large expansion of its manufacturing headquarters facility. With 77,000 square feet added to IDT's already state-of-the-art facility (bringing the total square footage to 134,000) no oligonucleotide supplier is better equipped to fulfill the requests of researchers. From oligos in plates to Dicer-substrate RNAi duplexes in TriFECTaTM kits, IDT offers the best quality, customer service and turnaround time.

In late 2006, IDT acquired the Leuven, Belgium company RNA-TEC. The strategic European acquisition of RNA-TEC (Integrated DNA Technologies, BVBA) bolstered IDT's product offerings in large-scale RNA synthesis and purification, particularly in the Dicer-substrate RNAi (DsiRNA) field and focusing on large-scale DsiRNA for compounds for large screens and animal studies. IDT, BVBA is also proficient in ribozyme and DNA/RNA aptamer products, as well as standard DNA small-scale offerings.