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Week 29

Chaplin ladder on gel-Peter

The Yqxm and the Srfa (both variants)promoters where extracted from genomic Bacillus Subtilis DNA via PCR and inserted into the PNZ8901 plasmid. All transformations where done in Lactococcus Lactis. Restriction analysis was performed to check the constructs. The concentrations where determined with the Nanodrop

Srfa 1 Srfa 2 Yqxm
Clone 1 75.3mg/ml 78.9mg/ml 72.0mg/mL
Clone 2 25.6mg/ml 40.2mg/ml 57.6mg/mL
Clone 3 44.4mg/ml False positive False positive


Debugging the matlab model of killswitch and gene expression.



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Biofilm paste experiment
Growing biofilms on sterilized ceramics that have been coated with athin layer of TY medium with corn starch.
Mix: 30 mg cornstarch/ml TY 1% agar medium and 0.5% glucose

After dissolving the agar and addition of corn starch teh pieces of cermics we added an taken out

Ceramic coating gr1.jpg Ceramic coating gr1.jpg Ceramic coating gr1.jpg Ceramic coating gr1.jpg

Expression experiment:


ThT measurement of EH induced together with C non induced(this due to a mixup during he experiment), EH non induced, C induced

Disrupted last measurement gr.jpg