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14 July 2010

  • Run a gel for the PCR of the previous day -> worked
  • Purification of PCR’s product -> ok
  • Preparation of the BBα_151020 (streak out)
  • Competence Calculation of E.Coli DB3.1 (+pUC10, Amp) -> ok
  • Look at Asaia with microscope -> we have cells (pictures)
  • Growth Curve for Asaia (OD measurement each hour) -> both manually (ok) + with the plate reader
  • Plated Asaia to recover some WT (streak out)
  • Preparation of Asaia Culture (for Lemaître experiment) with Kan
  • Protocol LateX template
  • O/N culture of the E.coli DH5 transformed with the BB Antibiotics resistance (4x) -> miniprep
  • Learning HTML for the wiki
  • Text for the project presentation due to iGem
  • Writing Protocols of basic procedures for the wiki page
  • Culture of Asaia + Kan

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