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Attributions and Contributions

  • All ten students on the team contributed significantly in the project. The bulk of the lab work was done by the team members, who were sometimes (especially at the beginning) helped by the PhDs (Henrike, Carine and Nicolas) or occasionally other people in the lab. * The PhDs were especially helpful when experiments didn't go as expected.
  • We (the students) came up with the project idea ourselves. Our advisors (Prof. Maerkl and Prof Deplancke) helped us ask the right questions and pointed us in the right direction when we were lost. And last but not least, they found all the sponsors and made our iGEM experience possible in the first place!
  • The beautiful drawings on our wiki are the exclusive work of Solange. Solange, your drawings are awesome and so are you!


  • We thank Prof. Guido Favia and Dr. Claudia Damiani from the University of Camerino for the Asaia strains, the protocols relatives to Asaia and for having been source of inspiration for our project.
  • We would like to thank Prof. Bruno Lemaitre from EPFL for his advice and the possibility to conduct experiments with drosophila in his lab.
  • Many thanks to Prof. Christian Doerig for having kindly provided us with the genomic DNA of Plasmodium falciparum from witch we extracted the P25 and P28 DNA sequences.
  • Many thanks to Vincent Pillaud for his help and advice in creating a scientifically reliable social study on synthetic biology for the Human Practices project.
  • We thank Dr. Catherine Bourgouin from the Pasteur Institute of Paris for her help and interest in our project and for running experiments with Asaia and mosquitos in her lab.

We also would like to thank:

  • Sebastian for letting us work in his lab and for his guidance throughout the whole iGEM competition.
  • Bart for his lab too, his advice, his good humor and for seeing p25 in the gels when no one else could.
  • Henrike for her incredible patience, for all her help and for being a really good friend to us all.
  • The Maerkl lab for bearing our presence in the lab. You guys rock :)
  • Onya for his patience whilst we redid the same experiments with drosophila again and again. And again.
  • Carine for helping us in the lab, particularly with the billions of western blots we did.
  • Jovan for showing us how to make beautiful silver stains.
  • Nicolas for many things, amongst them sharing his bench, the microscope and ordering the pizzas.
  • Dixon for his interest in our project and for sharing his ideas about it.
  • Alex for donating his magnificent positive control.
  • Lorenzo for his help with the wiki.
  • And last but definitely not least, we thank the pizza guy for... well... delivering the pizzas.

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