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On this page is described the experiences, procedures and protocols that we have used. Further the experimental process is described for the two parallel tracks, the repressor and terminator part, what have we experienced when working with our parts, and the BB standard.

Protocols For all the methods we have shaped the protocols to the standards and experiences of our lab. We have collected the protocols we used in a comprehensive list below where it is possible to read them in full length. They contain our procedure as well as references. Some time this might be weakly documented when given to us by communication with supervisors.

General lab work "Materials and Methods"

The Biobrick standard and 3A assemply

Repressor group

Terminator group

XXXX here we should write a short abstract XXXX

Work flow

XXXX maybe show pictures of our work plan, or write it simplified - the more pictures the better XXX


References and resources

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