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Our Gallery

Welcome to DTU Denmarks gallery. We will post pictures from different events and life related to iGEM.

Paris Workshop

These are pictures from our trip to Paris for the iGEM Spring Workshop in Evry (Paris), France. It was a wonderful trip and here are the pictures from our trip!

Anja and Anastasiya
Patrick and Lisa
Patrick, Thomas and Annemi
Maya and Anja
Annemi and Thomas
Juliet, Lisa and Thomas
Patty and Greg
Some of the team
Greg (waiting for the red light to switch)
Maya, Anja, Anastasiya, Patty and Lisa
Lisa, Greg and Malthe
Annemi, Thomas, Maya, Anja, Anastasiya and Patty
Only 1032km to Copenhagen, which takes 17hrs in an RV ;-)
A mere 1374km to Warsaw ;-)
Road trip to Nairobi anyone? Only 6473km and an ocean to deter us ;-p
Patty, Annemi, Thomas and Lisa
Malthe, Anastasiya and Anja

iGEM Life at DTU

These are pictures from a typical day at DTU and our team of brilliant students!

Our lab space
Patty looking almost as entertained as Annemi ;)
Maya working hard :)
Lunchtime!! Sitting outside enjoying the gorgeous weather. Thomas, Annemi and Patrick
Patrick, Annemi and Thomas (and good old Anker)