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Version 1 :


Finally we did not complete to realize genetic double click system until now (Oct 27, 2010).

The tasks that remain are
1. Checking T7 RNAP pulse
1-1. Characterizing Lux/CI434 hybrid promoter
1-2. Confirming that there are no crosstalk between CI/CI434 and CI promoter/CI434 promoter
2. Demonstrating the double click function
3. Probably we need the tuning of each parts to behave as we want

The matters that we have already accomplished are
1. Characterizing T7/CI-OR1 hybrid promoter
There are some activative/repressible hybrid promoter in registry of standard biological parts.
Many of them are designed to have operator site between -10 and -35 promoter site or downstream of -10 site.
T7/CI-OR1 hybrid promoter is designed following with the same concept.
Lambda CI operator site (OR1) is attached to the downstream of T7 promoter. So this promoter was thought to be activated by T7 and repressed by CI. In experimental result, this promoter worked as it is. In addition, T7/CI hybrid promoter was characterized for the first time in biobrick community.