Our Members

Hello, I'm Ryuji Yamamoto. This year our team designed double click bacteria. Have you ever heard of such bacteria? If you have interest in genetic circuit, our project might be interesting to you. See you soon in Boston.
This is Ling Li, a graduate student from Chiba University. I participate in iGEM for the first time and I see a great opportunity and future in synthetic biology. My major is applied chemistry but I have great interest in molecular biology. Hope we have the chance to get together!
Hello,My name is Manabu Onoda.I'm an undergraduate student at Chiba University in Japan.
Hello everyone !!!My name is Kohei Ike!!!!
Hello, I'm Gunhye Lee. I'm glad that participate in iGEM this year. I'm studying chemical engineering and very interested in biosynthesis. I think iGEM is great chance that can study our own, original and fun project, so I'm really excited.
I like listening to music and I love sports, especially figure skating. Not as a skater, but as a fan though. My favorite skater is Yuna Kim, Olympic Champion. I'm watching her beautiful program everyday.
See you soon in Boston.
Hello~Welcome to our wiki!!!
I'm Gyuwoon Jung. I'm undergraduate of Chiba University in Japan and a sophomore majoring in Department of Applied Chemistry & Biotechnology at Chiba University. I heard synthetic biology first time through iGEM. Potentiality of synthetic biology suprised me. I expect that this field will be developed.
So I am looking forward to you!!
Hi! I’m Yuki Kawamura. I’m a freshman at a Chiba University in Japan. My major is horticulture. Horticulture is gardening, agriculture, and so on. In particular, I’m interested in microbiology.
I’m into listening music, reading books, and playing a flute and a shamisen(Japanese instrument). My newest passion is history novel. I’m looking forward to iGEM2010!


Daisuke Umeno
Maiko Furubayashi