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Journal Club


The entire iGEM team met over lunch weekly to discuss current literature with synthetic biology implications. Our journal club was formed so that we could interact with the broad range of research occurring in this field and gain more experience reading technical journal papers. Members of the Brown community, including former iGEM alumni and lab associates, were invited to join us and also learn about interesting developments in synthetic biology.

Each week, one member of the team led the discussion by focusing on a single paper to present to the club.

6/23/10: Designing Custom Cell Signaling Circuits

Designing Custom Cell Signaling Circuits ppt

Lim, 2010. "Designing Customized Cell Signaling Circuits." Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology.

6/30/10: Creation of a Synthetic Genome

Creation of a Synthetic Cell ppt

Gibson et al., 2010. "Creation of a Bacterial Cell Controlled by a Chemically Synthesized Genome." Science. (Original Article from the Venter group)

7/7/10: RNA Synthetic Biology

RNA Synthetic Biology ppt

Isaacs, Dwyer, and Collins, 2006. "RNA Synthetic Biology." Nature Biotechnology.

7/14/10: Creation of a bacterial/plant hybrid pathway

Engineering key components in a synthetic eukaryotic signal transduction pathway ppt

Antunes et al. 2009, "Engineering key components in a synthetic eukaryotic signal transduction pathway"

7/21/10: Directed Evolution and Synthetic Gene Circuits

Designing Synthetic Gene Circuits with Directed Evolution ppt

Porcar, 2010. "Beyond directed evolution: Darwinian selection as a tool for synthetic biology." Systems Synthetic Biology.

Haseltine and Arnold, 2007. "Synthetic Gene Circuits: Design with Directed Evolution." Annual Review of Biophysics and Biomolecular Structure.

7/28/10: Alternative Means of Induction

Heat induced expression system ppt

Valdez-Cruz et al., 2010. "Production of recombinant proteins in E. coli by the heat inducible expression system based on the phage lambda pL and/or pR promoters." Microbial Cell Factories.