Daily Schedule- Notebook

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Daily Schedule

1. Miniprep Flasks (1 hr)

2. Restriction Digest (1 hr)

       A)Standard Assembly
          i.Small part EX or SP digest
          ii.Large Part XP or ES digest and Phosphotase (1 hr)
       B)3-A Assembly
          i.Part 1 ES digest
          ii.Part 2 XP digest
          iii.Backbone EP digest (Phosphotase if we want)
       C)During digestion run a colony PCR of yesterday’s plates

3. Run Gel (1.5 hrs)

       A)Include PCR products on gel

4. Ligation (1/2 hr)

5. Transformation (1/2 hr)

6. Cell Recovery (1 hr)

       A)During recovery send colony PCR results to the sequencing center

7. Plate Ligation

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